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End, The: Introspection (LP, 1969/Re 2014)

Decca Black To Black 375 068-9

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Price: €30.00

A sealed copy, the cover is graded VG+ because of a bend to the lower right corner.

Grading cover: VG+/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Although Introspection bombed due to a belated release, collectors have since heralded it as one of the finest albums from the brief British psychedelic wave. Produced by Rolling Stone Bill Wyman in early 1968, the spirit of the era (or maybe that of the previous summer) is sonically created, with sumptuous results ... With an abundance of moods, tones, and a gloriously over the top production, Introspection is a superb period piece, and rightfully deserves it's near-classic status." (AllMusic)

"A masterpiece of soft psychedelic pop!" (Twenty Flight Rock)

End, The: Introspection

End, The: Introspection

End, The: Introspection