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Björk: Biophilia; Manual Edition (2xCD+Book, 2011, ltd 2000)

One Little Indian TPLP1016D

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2xCD housed inside the covers of a 48-page hardback book containing live photographs, illustrations, lyrics, liner notes and app information, with lenticular cover art. The size of the book is 24x19x1.2 cm. Was unly available through Sandbag UK pre-order.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading CDs: MINT/SS

"Heralded as the future of music, Björk's album/app is a whirl of innovation – and the music's beautiful." (The Guardian)

"In many ways, Biophilia is both the most conventional and unconventional effort on Björk’s resume. While it’s unlike the majority of Björk’s previous records – in that there aren’t any glaringly obvious choices for a big single (aside from “Crystalline”, maybe?) – it plays best straight through its 10-song cycle, from the tranquil calm of “Moon” down to the soft plucks on the aptly-titled “gravity harps” that adorn album closer “Solstice”. Though Biophilia is hardly easy listening, even by Björk’s challenging, outlandish standards, there’s little doubting it’ll stand as one of the more rewarding albums of her storied career." (Consequence Of Sound)

"Expectations run high whenever Björk announces a new album: how will she top herself? Biophilia is easily her most ambitious project as a whole, but its music is more about completion than competition, even against herself. Educational and emotional in a uniquely approachable way, these songs are a lovely part of a bigger picture." (AllMusic)

Björk: Biophilia; Manual Edition

Björk: Biophilia; Manual Edition