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Mogwai: Special Moves (3xLP+DVD+CD, ltd 1400)

Rock Action Records ROCKACT48

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Price: €135.00

Box set with 3 LPs, DVD, CD. This first print run of 1400 copies came with a signed poster, this is one of them, still sealed!

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"While nothing can capture the true feeling of being flattened by one of Mogwai's shows except attending one, Special Moves is still a great live document. Coupled with Vincent Moon's moody black-and-white concert film Burning (which is worth the price of admission for "Batcat" alone), it's the complete Mogwai concert experience." (AllMusic)

"It’s the two oldest songs on the recording that provide the purest endorphin rush. Mogwai Fear Satan and Like Herod, both from their 1997 debut album Young Team, have the ability to make you jump from your skin, as if they’d sneaked up behind you and burst a balloon. Yet, as Mogwai’s popularity across three separate decades suggests, there’s a lot of mileage in their cheerful sadism. Packaged with the band’s first live album is Burning, their first DVD: eight tracks from the same trio of shows, filmed in artful monochrome." (BBC Music)

"Special Moves plays like a greatest hits that’s actually worth having, even if you already own Mogwai's complete discography down to the last b-side or bootleg." (Sputnik Music)

Mogwai: Special Moves

Mogwai: Special Moves