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Mogwai / Roky Erickson: Batcat (12", 2008)

Wall Of Sound WOS037T

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Price: €9.00

Featuring Roky Erickon on vocals on "Devil Rides". UK pressing. A new and unplayed item, the cover is graded EX because of some light corner dents. The vinyl is pristine.

Grading cover: EX/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Finally, Devil Rides comes in with this beautiful guitar riff and leads with slow drums. Then out of nowhere, Roky Erickson’s voice fills the entire track. Now when Mogwai has a singer on a track, the results are usually very good. This is no exception." (130-BPM)

"Devil Rides picks up where track two left and gently cradles your frail body while cult figure Roky Erickson charms you with his heartfelt lyrics. For those of you unfamiliar with Roky, his life story involves the usual rock'n'roll lifestyle, throw in some electro shock treatment, some aliens, some more drugs and bang! You have yourself something worth checking out. His rough edged, crest-fallen vocals really add sincere character to the looping and mellow strumming of Mogwai's music ... Batcat is a must have." (Clash Music)

Mogwai / Roky Erickson: Batca