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Stereolab: Not Music (2xLP, 2010)

Drag City DC-430

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Price: €17.00

Each record comes in an individual sleeve. Still sealed.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Business as usual: sprightly, hummable and a lot of fun." (BBC Music)

"Not Music is all over the place in the best possible way, and fans who love Stereolab's gracefully intellectual side will especially appreciate it. Taken with Chemical Chords, it’s a testament to just how much ground the band could cover while remaining purely Stereolab." (AllMusic)

"This album is made up of the other half of songs recorded three years ago in the same sessions for 2008’s ‘Chemical Chords’, just before Stereolab went on indefinite hiatus. And as good a reminder as any that their one trick is a good one." (NME)

Stereolab: Not Music

Stereolab: Not Music