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Röyksopp: LateNightTales (2xLP, 2013)

LateNightTales ALNLP32

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Price: €16.00

Limited Collectors Edition. Half Speed remastered for optimum audiophile reproduction. Pressed on virgin 180 gram heavyweight vinyl. Still sealed, the cover is graded EX because of a bend to the upper right corner.

Grading cover: EX/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"In its second decade of existence, Late Night Tales is an institution ... it's interesting it took until now to ask Röyksopp to curate an entry: the group's always showcased a smart design sense as well as an open acknowledgement of other music's influence on their work. Unsurpisingly then, on their 19-track collection, the veteran Norwegian dance duo's instincts on curation and sequencing are top-notch, offering a feeling that's sweetly compelling but gently guarded." (PitchFork)

"Listening to the latest Late Night Tales, this time from Röyksopp, I am teleported to a land where skies are only lit by the Northern Lights and the unspoken hours of the early morning are the most romantic, thrilling times to be awake and alive ... a wonderful addition to the collection." (The AU Review)

"The LateNightTales series is an easy gateway for those interested in finding where an artist's influences lie -- with volumes that are curated by Jamiroquai, MGMT, Belle & Sebastian, and Lindstrøm, among many others -- and Röyksopp's contribution showcases the Norwegian duo's love of analog synthesizer tones ... As weird as these selections are, they fit. Per usual, this is a cleverly constructed mix that puts you in a mood that resonates with that of the artist. This volume is relatively drowsy, but nice and seductive." (AllMusic)

Röyksopp: LateNightTales