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Mayhem: Deathcrush (LP, 1987/Re 2009)

Back On Black BOBV049LP

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Price: €16.00

2009 reissue on transparent vinyl, gatefold cover.

Grading cover: NM | Grading vinyl: NM

"Before the Black Circle, before Deads suicide, before the murder of Euronymous, before the church burnings, before black metal as we now know it, there was Deathcrush! In 1987, the now legendary Mayhem birthed what would become one of the most influential black metal albums ever. This album is almost entirely responsible for what we know black metal as today ... This is one of the most influential black metal releases ever." (Metal Storm)

"This was the first official release from the notorious Norwegian black metal band Mayhem. In around eighteen minutes, this group of then four musicians destroyed the burgeoning death metal scene in Northern Europe and ushered in the era of Norwegian Black Metal, one of the most infamous scenes in heavy metal history ... the sound they laid out remains immortal and essential to anyone interested in the origins of the Norwegian black metal sound." (Polari Magazine)

Mayhem: Deathcrush

Mayhem: Deathcrush