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Zweizz & Joey Hopkins: S/T (LP, 2011)

Jester Records TRICK046

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Price: EUR 8.00

A new and unplayed item, the cover is graded VG+ because of some corner dents. Green transparent vinyl.

Grading cover: VG+ | Grading vinyl: NM

"All in all the collaboration between Zweizz and Joey Hopkins can best be described as unique, eclectic and stubborn, harbouring truly intriguing compositions, covering a style resembling early Institut just as easily incorporating an Icelandic pop feel, IDM or Black Metal." (Peek-a-boo Magazine)

"A collaboration between two of the avantgarde-metal underground's most intriguing and creative actors, Norwegian old-timer (sorry!) Svein Egil Hatlevik of ZWEIZZ (+ Fleurety, DHG etc) and US up-and-coming Joey Hopkins, known for his Midget Factory ... Hidden in the brazen distorsion and twisted electronica, from pleasant IDM to abbrasive terrorcore and complete noise explosions are some very beautiful and melancholic atmospheres and melodies, hinting of the sombreness of AUTECHRE and late ULVER, perhaps." (Avantgarde Metal)

Zweizz & Joey Hopkins: S/T