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John Cale: Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood (2xLP, 2012)

Double Six Recordings DSO47LP

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Price: €17.00

Gatefold cover, 180 vinyl, still sealed.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Audacious rock veteran emerges from new cocoon, glistening simultaneously fresh and accessible." (Paste Magazine)

"The title alone tells you that on Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood, Cale is back to his scheming, challenging, and, well, shifty ways. And, improbably but not exactly shockingly, he has created one of the best albums of his career." (PopMatters)

"It’s an immediate, utterly engrossing collection of hook-laden, distinctly modern rock songs, as vibrant as anything being turned out by the hipster kids." (Filter Magazine)

John Cale: Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood