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Kate Bush: The Sensual World (LP, 1989/Re 2010)

Audio Fidelity AFZLP 082

Price: €32.00

Analogue 180g pressing, gatefold cover, numbered copies, this is number 410! Still sealed.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Kate Bush’s 6th studio release is perhaps one of the greatest pop releases to ever be recorded. Wildly underrated, ‘The Sensual World’ is an entertaining listen, as you hop on and experience Kate’s train of emotions, in song-form." (Sputnik Music)

"The Sensual World demonstrated a marked growth in both Bush’s lyrical and structural composition. She not only surpassed the bar she had set with Hounds of Love, but also managed to come full circle with her art, returning to her literary connections while evolving her sexual identity from provocatively sexual to evocatively sensual." (Consequence of Sound)

Kate Bush: The Sensual World

Kate Bush: The Sensual World