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Danny Ben Israel: Bullshit 3 1/4 (LP, 1970/Re 2002)

World In Sound RFR-016

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Price: €41.00

Superb German reissue that comes in a heavy duty textured gatefold cover, and a large printed insert.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"After getting discharged, he attended the Festival of the Isle of Wight and discovered the correct usage of sex and drugs while travelling Europe. Eventually, he came back to Israel and (in 1970) created one of the greatest psychedelic masterpieces ever – that was “Bullshit 3 1/4” ... it is truly a masterpiece and a must for any scholar of pshychedelia." (Oort Cloud Reviews)

"“Bullshit 3 1/4” was a quantum leap away from all of Ben-Israel’s previous musical endeavours as evidenced by the title’s decided lack of commercial potential, the provocative cover artwork and songs that free-formed and furry-freaked all over the place. Ben-Israel’s production was economical and clean while the unorthodox arrangements work tremendously within all eight original songs. And throughout Ben-Israel rages about everything in front of him: from the hypocrisies of straight society to escapism via irresponsible drug use and if he had a dog he’d probably be down on all fours barking and snarling into the microphone." (Head Heritage)

Danny Ben Israel: Bullshit 3 1/4

Danny Ben Israel: Bullshit 3 1/4

Danny Ben Israel: Bullshit 3 1/4