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Bowerbirds: Upper Air (LP, 2009)

Dead Oceans DOC018

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Price: EUR 7.00

Still sealed, the cover is graded EX because of a dent to the lower left corner.

Grading cover: EX/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Bowerbirds' second LP, Upper Air, is nearly a carbon copy of its predecessor, Hymns for a Dark Horse. I'm going to let the band off the hook for the holding pattern; in the meantime, we'll simply revel in the general loveliness of these 10 compositions, which utilize the debut's blueprints in the creation of sublime melodies, absorbing lyricism and delicate harmonic interplay." (Pitchfork)

"Upper Air is a comely album through and through, and certainly one of this year’s high-water marks for the acoustically inclined." (A.V. Club)

"Upper Air is a luminous, wild-eyed affair, and a solid second album to boot." (AllMusic)

Bowerbirds: Upper Air

Bowerbirds: Upper Air