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Wolves Like Us: Black Soul Choir (LP, 2014)

Prosthetic Record 10169 -1

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Price: EUR 10.00

Gatefold cover.

Grading cover: NM | Grading vinyl: NM

"Most people probably never thought they would want a band to sound like a mix between Deftones and Planes Mistaken For Stars, but that's what this Wolves Like Us do, and they do it with so much heart and soul that it's impossible to not get caught up in the great Quicksand groove of it all ... they've given us lots to chew on here with this dense, pleasing, and—most importantly—fully enjoyable album." (Alternative Press)

"Something about the atmosphere of this album makes me want to listen to it while walking through a dark forest or while sitting on some Irish hillside with steel gray clouds looming overhead. It has a mysteriously alluring aura, one that just refused to let me go. I started this album and, before I knew what had happened, I had listened to it several times in a row without noticing. Each spin brought something new, something unheard." (Bloody Disgusting)

Wolves Like Us: Black Soul Choir