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The Low Frequency In Stereo: Pop Obskura (LP, 2013)

Long Branch Records LC 27057

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Gatefold cover, comes with CD. Still sealed, the cover is graded VG+ because of edge wear/possibly vinyl tear-through on the top side.

Grading cover: VG+/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"There is something quite enigmatic about Norwegian psychedelic rock band The Low Frequency In Stereo ... If "Pop Obskura" is art rock, then this could be the poppiest art rock record I could ever hear. It's mysterious, textured and very abrasive ... I can only hope that not only is this band in your scope for 2014 but they are also within the rest of the world's, as a band like this deserves some love." (RockFreaks)

"Pop Obskura is a rather apt title for the new record from The Low Frequency In Stereo, for the fifth album from the Norwegian art-rockers is a nuanced, dazzling and often expansive take on the more enigmatic side of pop music." (GoldFlakePaint)

"As it happens, the “pop” part of the title is entirely appropriate which makes one think of a Scandinavian Stereolab but without the unnecessarily long, drawn-out bits. Furthermore, with that band on indefinite hiatus the sci-fi/retro-futurist crown is theirs for the taking." (Leonard's Lair)

The Low Frequency In Stereo: Pop Obskura