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Various Artists: Punk 45; Sick On You! One Way Spit! After The Love & Before The Revolution; Proto-Punk 1969-76 Vol. 3 (2xLP, 2014)

Soul Jazz Records SJR LP279

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Price: EUR 11.00

Still sealed. The cover is graded EX because of a dented upper left corner.

Grading covers: EX/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"The third volume of Soul Jazz Records' excellent Punk 45 compilation series focuses on some of the earliest front-runners of the punk movement, collecting 21 tracks of raw, weird, and sometimes psychedelic proto-punk recorded between 1969 and 1976, in some cases years before the late-'70s rise of punk ... This volume of Punk 45 does an amazing job corralling some of the various wild sounds from that nebulous time, anchoring the untameable numerous directions of its playlist with a finely considered flow and top-notch curation." (AllMusic)

Various Artists: Punk 45; Sick On You!