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Swans: To Be Kind (3xLP, 2014)

Mute Artists Ltd. STUMM364

Price: €22.00

UK/European version on Mute Records. Housed in a tri-fold jacket. Includes poster.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"While Swans have always been the last band to pander to audience expectations, Gira nonetheless seems aware that anticipation for a new Swans album has arguably never been greater. And so he’s responded in the best way possible: by producing a record that, in structure and scale, is every bit The Seer’s equal, yet possessed by a peculiar energy and spirit that proves all the more alluring in its dark majesty." (Pitchfork)

"To Be Kind sounds alternately like a derailing freight train, a spreading wave of nuclear obliteration, the scream at the end of the world, and the chilling calm afterwards – but for all that, it might be the most accessible Swans album yet." (The Line of Best Fit)

"Your greatest challenge will be to try and make it through To Be Kind in one sitting. I declare that it can only be done once. No, that’s not an encouragement to treat this album as a “one and done” listening experience. You’ll be back for more, but likely in little bite-sized chunks for easier consumption and digestion. That is the beauty and wonder of a massive work of art like this. There is no end to the nuances and subtleties that lay within. Find your starting point and start exploring." (Paste Magazine)

Swans: To Be Kind