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Goat: Commune (LP, 2014, ltd 200)

Stranded Rekords EKO 163; EKOBONUS 163

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Price: €52.00

This release comes with an unique alternative cover artwork that is different for each one sold, and limited to 200 units. Hand-numbered, this is number 165. Exclusively sold by Bengans Record Store. The album also comes with an alternative sleeve, this one is a die dut cover, still sealed with both the LP and the CD inside. A small dent to the lower right corner of the die but cover, otherwise all in perfect shape.

Grading cover: NM- | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"With Commune, Goat have created an album that isn't so much to be listened to as it is experienced. Even though the individual elements of the album are plenty interesting, it's how it functions as a whole that really makes it stand out, and any listener able to dedicate the time and attention necessary to let it wash over them without any outside distractions will find the album to be quite rewarding." (AllMusic)

"Goat stand out from the rest of the contemporary psych crowd as an undeniably modern, internet-age band in that they create their own successful and popular sound by synthesising a plethora of B-musics and fringe influences made easily available through the work of labels like Finders Keepers and Sublime Frequencies ... Commune is a truly artistic statement." (The Quietus)

"It’s fair to say that Goat have not really recalibrated since World Music – there’s a dash more Turkish psychedelic folk here, a mite more tempo variety there. But Commune is every bit as immersive. You get the feeling that Goat could just keep this sinuous groove going forever." (The Guardian)

Goat: Commune

Goat: Commune