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Ulver: Vargnatt Promo 1993 (10", 2003, ltd 1000)

Infinite Vinyl Series IVS 002

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Price: SOLD!

Limited to 1000 hand numbered copies on white vinyl, this is number 878.

Grading cover: NM | Grading vinyl: NM

"With this release Infinite Vinyl continues their superb track record by reissuing the almighty Ulver's first recorded output from way back in 1993 on a thick, high quality white vinyl 10". And, like everything Ulver has ever done, this is an exceptional release that was not only innovative for its time, but indicative of the fact that the band was really going to be something special ... he back corner of the sleeve is hand-numbered out of 1,000 copies, and I'm assuming they're sold out by now. They damn well should be. I bought mine the very second I found out it was officially out, and it was well worth every cent. So track one down if you're able. Ulver is unstoppable... absolutely one of the best bands of all time." (Aversionline)

Ulver: Vargnatt Promo 1993

Ulver: Vargnatt Promo 1993

Ulver: Vargnatt Promo 1993