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Tim Story: Untitled (LP, 1984)

Uniton Records: U 024

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Price: €5.00

Norwegian release. Sticker on front of cover.

Grading cover: VG+ | Grading vinyl: EX

"What's most apparent is a feeling of space and proportion. Everything is so tastefully arranged: the subtle and sparse use of backing instruments, the simplicity of melody, the moments of silent suspense which keep the listener balanced on a knife-edge." (Sounds)

"With uncommon ability, Story is able to color the melody lines without obscuring them. This is great artistry in a small format... listen and you will be rewarded with music of rare quality and beauty." (Aftenposten, Norway)

"There is something particularly autumnal about Story's music; the slow, meandering melodies combine with his warm, earthy piano and recorder to produce a feeling that reminds of late fall afternoons in the Midwest (Story hails from Ohio). Like classical music, Story deals not in specific ideas, but in themes and ideas. His songs take the listener places that may not exist in the physical world, but are real nonetheless." (Jim Trageser)

Tim Story: Untitled

Tim Story: Untitled