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Temple Of L.I.B.: My Name Is Magic (LP, 2010, ltd 380)

September Gurls SGLP 43

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Price: €21.00

First edition of 380 with paste-on 3-colour silkscreen print. This is number 70.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"New project of Stefan Lienemann alias "Limo" (Fit & Limo, Discolor, Shiny Gnomes) starts where sadly demised Fit & Limo left off. Temple shifts the emphasis towards psychedelic, song-orientated, British 60ies folk rock, encompassing US West Coast vibes and wyrd folk. Meditative, tribalistic free-form mantras are highlighted by Tara Burke's (Fursaxa) mysterious, artful, otherwordly vocal appearances. Created was an excellent, trance-inducing acid folk album, reminiscent of Lamp of the Universe - "Earth Spirit & Sky", Incredible String Band, John Fahey. Guested also by Riff (Cosmic Gardeners, Riff & The Mad Hatters Garden Band Machine) and friends." (September Gurls)

"Delving deep into the world of the strange, Temple of Lib has embraced folk music and taken it to places that are sadly rarely trodden these days. Here on My Name is Magic we follow this psychedelic band through the phases of audible magic ... The 13 tracks flow like an Incredible String Band album from start to finish, embracing a need for a strange edge rather than a straight folk music, as each track within itself feels like a small journey into the ether ... a must for those who like The Incredible String Band, as these to me are the main sound comparison that I can make. My Name is Magic is very much a harking back to The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter album." (Aural Innovations)

"Leaving the project Fit & Limo behind, Stefan Lienemann keeps his sort of post-Incredible String Band sort of singing, while the songs themselves stylistically have more sadness in them, an emotional sadness with a psychedelic haze of fuzz guitars and sitar, or sometimes a seemingly fuzzed voice as well. Then some wordless vocals stretch itself almost in a religious setting, an open sea, a psychedelic raga, with lots of acoustic instruments also present. Just the last, bonus track the still shiny cloud disappears for birds sounds and the happiest song. Despite being on a more solo trip, most qualities of different previous Fit & Limo albums are present here as well, with a bit more psychedelic tension in them." (Psychedelic Folk)

Temple Of L.I.B.: My Name Is Magic