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Adrian Shaw / Rod Goodway: Oxygen Thieves (LP, 2009)

September Gurls SGLP 41

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Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"A gem of an album which only reveals itself after deep immersion. I’ve been playing it for days and am still discovering new highs. I guarantee in future years it’ll be talked of in hushed terms as an unheralded collector’s wet-dream, not least because of the pedigree of the chums involved (I shan’t insult Terrascope readers’ intelligence by introducing Ade and Rustic Rod as if you’d never heard of them, but for the uninitiated they go back together as far as J.P. Sunshine in 1967, subsequently working together in Rustic Hinge, Magic Muscle and more recently the Bevis Frond), but also simply because it’s a mesmerising and more than competent album in its own right." (Terrascope)

"From all the periods the duo went through (from the sixties until now) they took something with them into the mix, from a couple Beatlesque influences in the vocal arrangements or rhythms, the exotic mixes with hurdy gurdy or sitar or Afghan violin (?) and tabla with electric (distorted) parts, over an occasional 70s bluesrock flavour, the rather punkish attitude towards psychedelia, some  Hawkwind flavour or a post-west coast song inspiration, over different 80s & 90s singing styles and the alternative pop approach of those days, to the 90s psychedelia from the Bevis Frond." (Psychemusic)

Adrian Shaw / Rod Goodway: Oxygen Thieves