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Mystic Siva: S/T (LP, 1972/Re 2001)

World In Sound RFR-002

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Unplayed and pristine. Gatefold cover in thick cardboard, with insert.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Here's an interesting little nugget from the vaults courtesy of the folks over at World in Sound. The bizarrely named Mystic Siva were a psychedelic hard rock band from Detroit who formed in the late '60s, released two albums and split up by 1972. This 1971 self-titled release is their second and final album, and features the line-up of Marc Heckert ( Vocals,organ), Art Thienel (Vocals, Bass), Dave Mascarin (Vocals, Drums), and Al Tozzi (Guitar). Though the music here sounds fairly dated, if you like swirling organ, fuzzed out guitar riffs, and haunting psychedelic vocals, then you really should investigate this one. Yes, fans of Vanilla Fudge, Iron Butterfly, The Doors, and Mach I era Deep Purple need apply! ... It's tasty little gems like this that just make you wonder how much fantastic underground prog/psych/hard rock from the early '70s is still locked away in vaults around the world." (Sea of Tranquility)

"Underground American psych at its finest: the now-legendary 1970 privately pressed Mystic Siva LP is one of the most sought-after artifacts in the whole psychedelic rock arena! But back in 1970 Mystic Siva were just a bunch of Detroit teenagers messing around in their parents' garage with a Hammond B3 organ and a wah-wah pedal. Little did they know that original copies of this album would one day change hands for thousands of dollars!" (Forced Exposure)

Mystic Siva: S/T

Mystic Siva: S/T