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Haizea: Hontz Gaua (LP, 1979/Re 2003)

Guerssen GUESS 016

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Price: €41.00

Another great reissue by Guerssen, gatefold cover with a 24 page booklet; limited to 500 copies.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Another obscurity originally released on the Elkar label, Haizea were a five-piece from the Basque area of Spain. Sporting a sound that could best be described as psychedelic electric folk, the instrumentation consists of guitar (sometimes two), bass, drums, flute, assorted percussive things, and the captivating voice of Amaia Zubiria. Hontz Gaua was their second ... In all, a compelling album that may be a little too low-key for some, but fans of Popol Vuh and similar types of music will find plenty here to enjoy. Highly recommended." (Gnosis 2000)

"Picking up where the debut leaves off, 'Anderea' is a pleasant bit of Basque folk with female vocals. And then the wheels come off  - and we enter the realm that ashratom cares about - on 'Egunaren Hastapena', a dark acoustic piece with cello, recorder, chimes, acoustic guitar, and flute that I swear recalls some of the Scandinavian psychedelic acts such as International Harvester and Algarnas Tradgard. This track finishes in Gotic (a Catalan progressive rock band) mode with happy flute and a full rhythm section. 'Argizagi Ederra' opens with haunting female vocals and what sounds like a didgeridoo, and when the psychedelic guitar enters in, we are once again reminded of Algarnas Tradgard. Who and what were these guys tuned into? No way they could have known these Swedish albums - right? 'Arnaki' continues with flute and electric guitar in an instrumental psychedelic space rock setting." (Unencumbered Music Reviews)

Haizea: Hontz Gaua