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The Mike Gunn: A Dream About Jim (10", 1997)

September Gurls SG TEN-1

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"Posthumous release that demonstrates the band's energetic, dynamic, hypnotic "floating twin-guitar glory" (just listen to "Mason"!), their openness to experiment, their jamming improvisations, their sarcasm and sense of humour. This 10" consists of studio recordings made with the original "Almaron"-lineup: Curt "Almaron" Mackey ( drums), whose mysterious departure marked the end of The Mike Gunn, John "Crevasse" Cramer (guitar, vocals, organ), Tom Carter (guitar on "Mason"), now playing with Charalambides, and Scott Grimm (bass, drones, guitar, vocals), now active with Dunlavy. Side 1: Intense, rockin? songs typical for the Mike Gunn, with a rougher edge, a fine jamming interlude and lyrics that refer to the band's background. Side 2: A 9-min. song that reaches at ist peak Neil Young-ish dimensions, followed by a prog rock experiment and, last, a weird Led Zep adaptation. All in all, around 32 min. long. Housed in a pretty ugly paste-on cover." (September Gurls)

The Mike Gunn: A Dream About Jim

The Mike Gunn: A Dream About Jim