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The Green Pajamas: Seven Fathoms Down And Falling (LP, 1999)

Woronzow WOO 36 LP

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The cover is graded VG because of a rather strong bends to the lower corners. The vinyl looks close to unplayed.

Grading cover: VG | Grading vinyl: NM

"Seven Fathoms Down and Falling adds another masterpiece to the increasingly impressive discography of The Green Pajamas, perhaps the finest pop band no one's ever heard of." (Head Heritage)

"A fully realized effort, Seven Fathoms Down And Falling covers familiar territory, but still finds the veteran band crafting a pleasantly varied and multi-textured work. The Lennon-esque vocals and strong group harmonies coupled with the muscular fuzzy guitars of "Just A Breath Away" and the dreamy psychedelic pop of "My Visit With Magpie" fit perfectly alongside softer pop elements like "She's Still Bewitching Me" or "Swan And Butterflies," which recall Alex Chilton as much as the Beatles." (AllMusic)

"Adding singer/guitarist Laura Weller to the lineup and hooking up with the Bevis Frond's Woronzow label, the Green Pajamas eased up on the intensity a bit with Seven Fathoms Down and Falling. Kelly seems to be taking a page from Lichter's more pop-oriented book, letting catchy, even uplifting melodies carry sterling tracks like "She's Still Bewitching Me," "High Waving Heather" and "Planet Love," which sounds like a tribute to the mid-'80s British psych rock revival. "Still Never Away," "Brontë Moon" (which pays tribute to a key literary influence) and the title track navigate familiarly trippy, mysterious seas. Seven Fathoms Down and Falling is one of Green Pajamas' most accessible albums ..." (Trouser Press)

The Green Pajamas: Seven Fathoms Down And Falling

The Green Pajamas: Seven Fathoms Down And Falling