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SubArachnoid Space: A New And Exact Map (LP, 2000)

September Gurls SGLP 29

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Price: €16.00

A new and unplayed item. The cover is graded NM- because of a very light dent to the upper left corner. The vinyl is pristine. Comes with a printed insert.

Grading cover: NM-/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"On the new album the band incorporates more synthesizers than we've heard yet from them, and in fact each member is credited with playing synths ... The mood is dark but there's also a bit of a Middle Eastern psych feel. Organ fits SubArachnoid Space's music well and is an outstanding instrument in general for psychedelia ... Just a cool extended guitar dominated psychedelic journey through the cosmos that is just as soothing as it is brain blistering ... In summary, A New And Exact Map is an impressive step forward for SubArachnoid Space and as the year winds down I can tell this will easily make my top ten for 2000 list." (Aural Innovations)

SubArachnoid Space: A New And Exact Map

SubArachnoid Space: A New And Exact Map