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Fit & Limo: Astralis (LP, 2007)

September Gurls SGLP 38

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Price: €16.00

A new item. The cover is graded NM- because of a very lightly dented upper left corner. The vinyl is graded NM- because of some small minor spots (not scratches) to the surface. I have test-played this area and it does not affect play in any way. Comes with a printed insert printed on blue paper.

Grading cover: NM-/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM-/NEW

"Fit & Limo have been producing some of the finest psychedelic folk music ala the Incredible String Band since the early 80s ... They have taken the British folk of the late 60s/early 70s, flower power harmonies, West Coast acid rock, and their special brand of Krautrock/Space Folk playfulness to create a 21st Century blend of progressive folk music. I am a sucker for sitar and Mellotron and Astralis is drenched with it. Interestingly, both the LP and CD contain the same music. Fit & Limo continue to mature musically and this new release is sure to please their fans." (Exposé)

"From one album to the next, the German duo Fit & Limo continue to impress me as one of the most fresh and exciting psychedelic bands around ... The music is based in folk-psych/wyrd-folk, though Fit & Limo are on the progressive cutting edge of these genres ... 18 enchanting songs in all. And not just a little bewitching. Absolutely essential for anyone into folk-psych. These folks are true adventurers." (Aural Innovations)

"Slightly different from their earlier recordings, their final studio LP blends traditional English folk into their usual ISB-meets-Hölderlin sound. The three traditional songs work especially well, with a genuinely eerie flavour, but this is another excellent and highly accomplished album throughout." (Richard Falk)

Fit & Limo: Astralis

Fit & Limo: Astralis