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Fit & Limo: As Above So Below (LP, 2000)

September Gurls SGLP 31

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Price: €15.00

A new and unplayed item. The cover is graded EX+ because of a light dent to the upper right corner. The vinyl is pristine. Comes in a gatefold cover.

Grading cover: EX+/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"The enigmatic female/male duo of singer Petra "Fit" Lienemann and Stefan "Limo" Lienemann from Altdorf (Bavaria, Germany) who started as "Casio-pop and folk-punk" and went on to develop a more refined acid spiced traditional/medieval folk concoction, rooted in the music of Grateful Dead, Incredible String Band, and such-like." (Exposé)

"Like its predecessor, this draws as much from Krautfolk as the Incredible String Band and the results are very inventive and superbly trippy. The thirteen-minute opener ‘Owsley Blues’ is certainly the key cut, but the ten-minute ‘Glockenspiel’ isn’t far behind, and most of the shorter pieces are very impressive too." (Richard Falk)

Fit & Limo: As Above So Below

Fit & Limo: As Above So Below

Fit & Limo: As Above So Below