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Fit & Limo: A Garland Of Flowers / A Bunch Of Herbs (LP+CD, 2006)

September Gurls SGLPCD37

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Price: €42.00

Both LP and CD come in silkscreened sleeves. The LP+CD set is a limited edition of 318 copies.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Most songs on the LP were published before on their now sold out pre-September Gurls records releases, and were taken mostly from their wonderful Angel Gopher Lp, 1993. In that way I’m very happy to hear the great version of Incredible String Band’s “Three is a green crown” which includes fuzz, acoustic guitar, sitar, tabla, organ, or “Come with me”, and many other fantastic tracks from Fit & Limo’s early period ... This mix of exotic instruments, the attractive voice of Limo or Fit, all contribute beautifully to make a perfect psychedelic folk mix. Definitely a classic, which is not to miss if you missed the ISB tribute single, Angel Gopher or the double CD “Folly Is An Endless Maze” which contained most of these songs ... To make the purchase even more attractive, an extra CD of archived material comes with it, including many of the tracks which were published on various, now mostly sold out, compilations." (Psychedelic Folk)

Fit & Limo: A Garland Of Flowers / A Bunch Of Herbs