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Kvelertak: Meir (2xLP, 2013, Swedish version)

Indie Recordings INDIE_107LPSWE

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Released in a gatefold sleeve. This is the "Swedish colored edition", yellow and blue vinyl. One of the printed inners has a small tear to the opening side.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Eleven tracks of heavy metal excellence from the celebrated Norwegian sextet." (BBC Music)

"On their second album Meir (simply, "More"), Stavanger six-piece Kvelertak haven't exactly refined the kitchen sink formula that made their eponymous 2010 debut one of the most welcome surprises of recent years; rather, they've bottled it, destroyed the recipe and knocked back gallons of the stuff like Vikings at a post-pillage feast ... as long as they keep coming up with this awesome AC/DC-meets-Kiss-meets-Metallica racket, with music that feels this vital, then I’d no sooner argue with them than I would with Odin himself. Nobody could question the fact that these guys mean it with every fibre of their being, and Meir is music to make Norway proud; a new majestic fanfare to welcome hog-riding warriors into Valhalla." (The Quietus)

"Known dubiously in some circles as "hipster-metal", Kvelertak draws from a broad palette of influences. Maybe this multifaceted approach lends to the chagrin of dedicated, sub-genre obsessed acolytes; the liberal infusion of hardcore and black metal with classicist hard rock riffing brings a much-needed injection of variation to some otherwise well entrenched genres. But no matter which direction they sway, the Norwegian six-piece does nothing but embrace the essence of fun-loving punk rock." (Sputnik Music)

Kvelertak: Meir

Kvelertak: Meir

Kvelertak: Meir