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Michael Angelo: S/T (LP, 1977/Re 2005)

Void VOID 036

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"Outstanding dreamy folkrock and anglopop with an early psych vibe, despite the vintage ... A very solid and well-written LP that is loved by many; in fact Michael Angelo has grown to become one of the classics of the local and prive press fields." (Acid Archives)

"For all the impossibly rare private press folk and psych albums out there, Michael Angelo’s LP from 1977 might be the best of the bunch, up there with Zerfas, Bachs, Third Estate and Anonymous…a truly special mix of wonderfully arranged psych-pop and flowery folk-rock." (Other Music)

"One of the rarest psychedelic albums in music ... Only 500 copies of the original album, which the Kansas City musician recorded off-hours at a small studio where he worked as a session player, were originally pressed, and surviving copies of the LP regularly come with a three-figure price tag." (Spin)

Michael Angelo: S/T

Michael Angelo: S/T