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Aphrodite's Child: It's Five O'Clock (LP, 1969/Re 2012, ltd 500)

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Limited to 500 copies, gatefold, deluxe 180g vinyl, from the original analogue masters, reproduction of the original first pressing with the Mercury labels, audiophile edition pressed by Music On Vinyl Records (Netherlands). Aphrodite’s Child was Vangelis’ (Papathanassiou) and Demis Roussos’ first step to international fame. They have recorded 3 albums between 1969 and 1972 full of excellent pop, psychedelic and/or progressive rock tracks. This is their second album, featuring international hits like “It’s Five O’ Clock” and “Annabella”.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Aphrodite's Child's second LP was in some ways both a continuation of and departure from their debut album, End of the World. There were some grandiose keyboard-based sub-British psychedelic tracks that could have fit in well on the previous record." (AllMusic)

"Vangelis, Roussos and Sideras are all over the place again, only this time, true to the "back to the roots" spirit of 1969, they take it a little easier on the psychedelic vibe and instead, get a bit harder and heavier in some spots and a bit "rootsier" in others." (Only Solitaire)

"It's Five O'Clock is a very strong album that eschews monumental ambition in favor of diversity, and in the process paves the way for greater ambition in the future. Admittedly the following album seems to represent Vangelis' ambition as opposed to Aphrodite's Child's ambition, but nevertheless it's clear that 666 could never have existed without this album, ample proof that, towering pretensions or not, It's Five O'Clock was well worth the band's time, and well worth the listener's time as well." (Evan's Rock Album Reviews)

Aphrodite's Child: It's Five O'Clock