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Juv: S/T (2xLP, 2011)

Miasmah Recordings MIALP 014

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Price: €15.00

Comes with insert. A new and unplayed item. The cover is graded NM- because of a minor mark to the opening side.

Grading cover: NM-/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Norwegian duo Marius von der Fehr and Are Mokkelbost collectively come together as Juv after a 13-year hiatus. Their recent output is a collection of rediscovered hours of music on tape from the mid-'90s ... Juv means "abyss," a deep, bottomless cave wedged between two mountains. The acoustics found in this space define Juv's dark, reverberating ambient aesthetic ... From somber tones to abrasive rumblings, Juv's ambient metal will resonate and distort perception." (Exclaim)

"Though this music clearly originates from or reflects the dark places of the inside, there are moments of hypnotic majesty that briefly cut through the starkness." (Igloo Magazine)

Juv: S/T

Juv: S/T