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Mono: The Last Dawn & Rays Of Darkness (2xLP, 2014, ltd 1000)

Temporary Residence Limited TRR242243

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Price: €41.00

Deluxe edition limited to 1,000 individually numbered copies in die cut gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves. The Last Dawn is printed on clear vinyl with white "smoke" streaks. Rays of Darkness is printed on clear vinyl with black "smoke" streaks.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

". Rays of Darkness is a recognizable yet more unpredictable, unruly Mono. This nightmarish album, combined with the haunted beauty of the more conventional The Last Dawn, results in the band's magnum opus." (AllMusic)

"When ‘The Last Rays’ finally burns itself out you are left disturbed and appalled, but full of admiration for MONO and the incredible sonic stories they have crafted." (ThisIsNotAScene)

"At this stage of their career, Mono don’t take missteps. The Japanese instrumental quartet has established itself as a reliable source of stirring post-rock, makers of some of the more emotions-destabilising sounds to follow Mogwai’s (and others’) popularising of gradual builds breaking into widescreen guitars ... ‘The Last Dawn’ and its more menacing companion prove that wherever there’s space to grow in post-rock, Mono is the band to exploit it. Intensity has rarely felt so intimate." (Pitchfork)

Mono: The Last Dawn & Rays Of Darkness

Mono: The Last Dawn & Rays Of Darkness