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Colorama: Good Music (LP, 2012)


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Comes with CD.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"It’s a simple title, but a multi-faceted album. The fifth from Cardiff-based Colorama, produced by Edwyn Collins, ranges from psychedelic pop to late-summer British whimsy to sinister groove-locking and is propelled throughout by the liquid voice and wit of their lynchpin, Carwyn Ellis ... It’s all about the gentle, guileful approach, which brings to mind very English staples like Caravan or The Kinks, but adds its own tints with Ellis’s distinctive Welsh burr ... Colorama’s palette is broad, but their brush strokes here are vivid and brilliant." (Wondering Sound)

"The latest album from multi-instrumentalist Carwyn Ellis as Colorama brings beautiful psych pop and electro indie, produced and released by Edwyn Collins on the AED Records imprint." (Louder Than War)

Colorama: Good Music

Colorama: Good Music