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Various Artists: A Visit To The Spaceship Factory (2xLP, 2008)

Psychic Circle PC2LP7007

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Price: €27.00

Subtitled "20 gems from the early years of prog". All compiled by Nick Saloman/Bevis Frond.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"A batch of lost psych prog tunes from the early 70s -- with spiraling guitars, chugging rhythms and otherworldly jams from the UK scene -- and great little compilation on Nick Saloman's Psychic Circle label! The tunes were cut in the years between the psych heyday and the complicated prog sounds of the later 70s -- many with the catchy, freewheeling groove of the former and the metallic crunch and lumbering qualities of the latter -- all in all, a really great batch of spacey rockers that you have likely never heard before! 20 tracks in all: "Why Not Tonight" by Treetops, "Greenfields" by Mousetrap, "That Don't Help Me None" by Deadwood, "So Come On" by Jericho, "Tadpole" by Incredible Hog, "Spirit Of Joy" by Kingdom Come, "Sarabande" by Beggars Opera, "Bring It On Home" by Strange Fox, "So You Wanna Know" by Sunchariot, "Nervous Shakin'" by Kansas Hook and more!" (Dusty Groove)

"A Visit to the Spaceship Factory presents 20 ear-watering morsels that will thrill and entertain in equal measure. Wander the dimly lit corners of the Spaceship Factory, an establishment designed to produce vehicles that could take you from the geometric wallpaper of your room to the far side of your electric dreams ...Psychic Circle's intrepid vinyl hound, Jamie Romer, has scoured the land in his quest to excavate more undiscovered psycho-prog stunners." (8 Days in April)

Various Artists: A Visit To The Spaceship Factory