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Altona: Chickenfarm (LP, 1975)

RCA PPL 1-4129

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Price: €27.00

A nice copy of this German original, with cut-out cover.

Grading cover: EX | Grading vinyl: EX

"If you are in the mood for some top notch jazzrock then look no further than Altona's 1975 follow up album 'Chickenfarm' to satisfy your urge. 'Chickenfarm's' sound is well within the mid-70's progressive framework, but Altona managed to steer clear of the technical deepend, opting instead for a more rock-based Anglo-American approach containing catchy riffs and memorable melodies. Overall the sound of this album reminds me of a more mainstream Passport mixed with a little bit of Birth Control ... The album's sole extended track, clocking in at over 10-minutes, 'Chickenfarm' builds upon a delicate guitar arpeggio in dynamic fashion as a powerful orchestration enters into the mix, builds upon the theme, then ushers in an incredibly atmospheric and epic keyboard sequence ... Sadly, this proved to be the bands final recording ..." (Krautrock Album Database)

"A good Soft Machine like part starts of the proceedings and we enters a more darkened landscape with some good vocals and melody lines. The final three tracks on this album, Back Again, Feigenblatt and the title track is very good and elevates this album to another level again." (The Sound Of Fighting Cats)

Altona: Chickenfarm

Altona: Chickenfarm

Altona: Chickenfarm