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My Bloody Valentine: m b v (LP, 2013)

MBV Records MBV LP 01

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Price: €21.00

Gatefold cover with CD attached inside.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"m b v creates a new timeline for My Bloody Valentine, and one that recalls the past in a broader and bolder light. They’re better for it, their catalog is stronger for it, and by album’s end, they’re still the best at swirling guitars." (Consequence of Sound)

"There's a rush of feeling inside their music so intense it creates a kind of paralysis. Music swirls and moves in and out of phase, voices float by, half memory and half anticipation, and you're never quite sure how all the parts fit together. You get lost in it, and if you're wired a certain way that mixture of desire and confusion is easy to map on to the wider world. For 22 years, the only way to get there was through Loveless and its associated EPs; now there's another path, one many of us never expected to find. That it's this successful in spite of it all is something we never had a right to expect." (Pitchfork)

"M B V reaffirms that My Bloody Valentine are one of a kind; the subtlety to their melodies, instrumentation, and the way they blur together belongs to them alone." (AllMusic)

My Bloody Valentine: m b v

My Bloody Valentine: m b v