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Thule: Graks (LP, 2010, ltd 300)

Pancromatic PLP 2006

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Price: €52.00

Recorded at Honningsvåg Skole from 1993 to autumn 1996. Vinyl version released 2010 limited to 300 copies. Gatefold cover.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Without denying their roots in nordic goth rock they were trying here an approach of neo-psychedelic rock with a strong Floydian touch and I've got to say it works quite well. The majority of tracks can be described as rather mellow, atmospheric and dark having occasionally some more rocking moments and very often quite idiosyncratic sampling effects. The low-pitched vocals and mostly rather sluggish tempo are emphasizing very well the general melancholic mood making up this record to a kind of perfect soundtrack for long (nordic) winter nights." (HDFisch)

"Third album from this Gothic-prog group from Norway, Thule (named after Greenland's capital) might have produced their best (or at least most original) album after a few years' absence. Their sombre rock fits quite a well our Art Rock category even if progheads would find it difficult to relate them to another prog groups." (Trane)

" The sound has echoes from spacey Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree featuring soaring keyboards and emotional guitarplay with some biting guitar runs ...  A decent effort, perhaps their most mature effort." (Neuteboom)

Thule: Graks