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Tangle Edge: Kathamkaram (LP, 2008, ltd 530)

Synesthetic Recordings SYRE 025

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Price: €26.00

Limited to 530 copies. Gatefold cover.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Containing three long pieces, “Kathamkaram” is housed in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve and features original members Ronald Nygard, Hasse Horrigmoe, and new (2002) drummer  Tom Steinberg, who has played with the band before as a guest/occasional member ... Perhaps more accessible than earlier work, this would an excellent place to start for those who wish to explore the band, more than that though, this is a damn fine album, a worthy addition to an impressive body of work." (Terrascope)

"This record features 3 tracks in 34 minutes with a fantastic gatefold sleeve and excellent sound and as always was recorded at the bands studio outside of Narvik. If you are not familiar with this old Norwegian band, they play instrumental progressive, rock, jazz, psychedelic music to challenge the listener." (Aural Innovations)

Tangle Edge: Kathamkaram