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Samuel Jackson Five: Easily Misunderstood (2xLP, 2005/Re 2012, ltd 150)

Denovali Records DEN129

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Price: €46.00

Transparent with orange vinyl edition limited to 150 copies.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"A progressive/math-rock flair and unique songwriting make this a standout album." (Iron's Post-Rock Essentials)

"A relatively unknown quintet scores the top album of the year in 2005. Samuel Jackson Five cultivate a jazz-influenced instrumental rock sound that is as smooth as it is furious and as smart as it is wild. Easily Misunderstood keeps the listener guessing; some tracks trudge along with a slow, consistent pace familiar to the post-rock world, whereas others race forward with unforeseen speed and put a dance step in the boots. One thing is certain--the band has fully evolved from their 2004 release and there is no questioning its combined talent. In creating an album that is provocative, fun, and expansionary, Samuel Jackson Five accomplish something that few others have successfully done. This is the hottest instrumental band on the market right now, and as evidence, they took 2005 by storm and claimed it as their own. Watch out for this band in the future, for if Easily Misunderstood is any indication of where it is headed, Samuel Jackson Five is years ahead of the pack." (Decoy Music)

"The band comes from Norway, like their fellow jazz-influenced post rockers Jaga Jazzist, and shares many similarities. The Samuel Jackson Five make use of a wide array of instruments, ranging from layers and layers of guitar to a full string section, and also keep a strong (though definitely not as strong as Jaga Jazzists’) jazz influence ... Long story short, The Samuel Jackson Five’s Easily Misunderstood is a magnificent achievement in the world of instrumental rock. All instrumentation is worked to perfection. I cannot find a single flaw on the album. hails this as the #1 instrumental rock album of 2005 (Yeah, big feat. I know.), and it is not difficult to see why. It is a shame that a band as talented as these people could go so unnoticed. It is easily the most fun and accessible yet intelligent and beautiful post rock album I have heard to this date, and you can expect me to whore this album out excessively for the weeks to come." (Sputnik Music)

Samuel Jackson Five: Easily Misunderstood