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Kari Rueslåtten: Other People's Stories (LP, 2007)

Vinyl Maniacs VMLP032

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Price: €24.00

Still in original plastic, never opened. Gatefold cover. Solo album from former vocalist in The 3rd And The Mortal.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Some of you might remember Kari’s name and wonder. Let me help you. Kari used to be the lead vocalist with Norway’s avant-garde Gothic/Doom metal band Third & the Mortal ... Very atmospheric yet not cliché or too ethereal. Experimental, but approachable. I can recommend everyone who isn’t ashamed of the fact that they might have a Tori Amos record at home or that they like certain goth metal bands because of the vocals and not the way the vocalist looks. She hasn’t had much of a following outside Scandinavia and that’s a bloody shame! One of the most enchanting ladies in the music business." (Reflections of Darkness)

"Eleven tracks of alternative trip folk rock comprises fourth and the latest so far full-length [2004] by ex.singer of The 3rd And The Mortal & Storm; though not as heavy and mysterious, her music still has a lot of dynamics, unpredictability and integrity - from warm acoustic to cold industrial elements, with lots of melody in between; each song carries a separate story, and it is a true challenge to Björk and Anneke van Giesbergen [ex.The Gathering] fans; limited gatefold heavy vinyl edition." (Ledo Takas)

Kari Rueslåtten: Other People's Stories