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Deaf Center / Svarte Greiner: Owl Splinters / Twin (LP+CD, 2011, ltd 600)

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Price: €61.00

Includes a bonus CD by Svarte Greiner, consisting of re-interpretations of tracks from the album. A new and unplayed item, still in shrink plastic.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Owl Splinters is both of a triumph of style over substance and of quality over quantity, its eight tracks both epic and vignette creating beautifully produced sonic pathways that a little too often lead into unexpected thematic cul-de-sacs that belie the improvisational nature of their composition. ‘Owl Splinters’ is an obviously essential purchase for Skodvin and Totland fans and though it may not gel a hundred percent as a standalone album, occasionally losing itself in a thorny forest of unfinished ideas, there is enough stunningly beautiful material here to justify your attention." (Igloo Magazine)

"It's been a while since Norwiegen artists Erik Skodvin and Otto Totland’s Deaf Center incarnation has released anything, perhaps explaining the excitement around this new album, and why the limited edition vinyl press is nearly sold out ... For me, 'Owl Splinters', as if crafted from natural materials, portrays a deep sense of mystery, of fear and the banishing of fear. This is indeed night music. I cannot imagine anyone hearing this music and not being touched by it. In short, a sublime listening experience, and, I can say confidently, my favourite of the year so far." (Future Sequence)

Deaf Center / Svarte Greiner: Owl Splinters / Twin

Deaf Center / Svarte Greiner: Owl Splinters / Twin