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Nils Rostad: Harmony Hammond (LP, 2012, ltd 102)

Tallerk Plater LP 01212

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Price: €41.00

Limited to 102 copies. Comes with a printed see-through insert.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"One of the more curious musicians from Norway these days is Nils Rostad ... Guitar is one that is obviously very present in all of these six pieces, but there is also voices, drums and perhaps a whole bunch of other, unnamed, instruments, as well as a bunch of sound contributions from Per Platou, J.M. Iversen, Onni and Sigrid Engelsen in one pieceMuch like his previous record, this is another package of weird tunes. It hums, it sings and it plinks, but perhaps also a bit less random than the previous record ... Do I like it? Well, hell, yeah. This is weird, this is different, and this is top." (Vital Weekly)

Nils Rostad: Harmony Hammond

Nils Rostad: Harmony Hammond