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Opium Cartel: Night Blooms (LP, 2009, ltd 100)

Pancromatic PLP 2004

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Price: €62.00

Limited to 100 copies on white vinyl with a gatefold cover. A few of these were signed on front of the cover by frontman and band leader Jacob Holm-Lupo, this is one of them.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"The Opium Cartel is, in essence, Jacob Holm-Lupo & Friends. Those of you who have been around the progressive rock scene for a few years will remember Holm-Lupo as the main contributor to the band White Willow, one of the groups at the vanguard of the Scandinavian progressive rock revival of the 1990s ... The rich and warm production brings each instrument to the forefront. I found myself enjoying every track once I slipped on my headphones on a rainy Saturday afternoon and immersed myself in all of its subtleties. It has continued to grow on me with repeated listens. Well done, Mr Holm-Lupo." (Sea of Tranquility)

"Soft and sometimes a little too sweet, this mellow extension of White Willow sounds very 70-s, thanks to the dominating flute, acoustic guitar and cello. There’s also some electricity in this blend, but also very vintage: mellotron, moog and optigan. The project is conceived by Jacob Holm-Lupo, guitarist and leader of the Norwegian prog-rock formation White Willow." (Prog-Nose)

Opium Cartel: Night Blooms