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Dominic: Persona (LP, 2013, ltd 150)

Denovali Records DEN165

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Price: €25.00

Limited to 150 copies on gold transparent vinyl.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Dominic have always been hard to label, but attemps to characterise them have used terms such as punk, post-hardcore and post-rock. These are all genres the band is well known with, and musically Dominic is probably somewhere within. Yet, these terms could never suffice to describe Persona entirely, the only thing that's for certain is the fact that Dominic are Dominic, and Persona is Persona." (Denovali)

"Norway's Dominic have been refining their intriguing mixture between post-metal and original screamo in the cold fjords of Trondheim, Norway for over a decade now ... Not content at staying in just one genre, the band seamlessly shift between post-metal, screamo, and post-hardcore, utilizing elements and ideas of each genre to put together a brilliant soundscape that's as original as it is innovative ... All songs on "Persona" are great. The soundscapes are rich and full of detail, yet the melancholic cleans mean that they are also subtly catchy, which is exactly what is needed to make post-metal sound fantastic. "Persona" is basically a conglomeration of the band's past recorded output, refined into one hell of an innovative and brilliant compilation of post-hardcore, screamo, and post-metal in a seamless mixture of pure awesome. It might not be for everyone, but damn this is a good record." (RockFreaks)

Dominic: Persona

Dominic: Persona