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Daimon: S/T (12", 2001, ltd 300)

Myke Droner MykeDroner14

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Price: €8.00

Limited to 300 copies, comes with a handmade cover and label insert.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"The trio Daimon is from the small town Flisa in the southeast of the Norwegian countryside. Mainly instrumentals home made tracks for guitars and organs. Sounds anything likes post rock, easy drone space, monumental church sound-a-like organ (track 'Constantine'), acoustic guitar works (on 'Bad Seamoon'), out there guitar space pop and a lo-fi organ song with vocals on 'Downrising'. Not at all that dark minded as the cover may suggests, but still some Norwegians sadness and wood. May give associates to post rock like Gastr Del Sol or Jim O' Rourke. And early New Zealand underground flashbacks." (Apartment)

Daimon: S/T

Daimon: S/T