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Jens Carelius: The Architect (LP, 2011, ltd 100)

Jansen Plateproduksjon JANSEN010

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Price: €46.00

Great 3rd album from Carelius, a well-produced and grandiosely arranged concept album. Gatefold cover. Limited to 100 numbered copies on white vinyl. This is number 49.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"The Architect is a concept record, which uses the visual aspect of architecture as a starting point, and connects this aspect to elements from life itself. In its entirety, the record is intended to create a feeling of growth. Jens Carelius placed himself in a three-month long refuge in a tiny house on the French Riviera in 2010, bringing only his 12- string guitar and something to write on. Here, all the songs for The Architect were written, and the idea of the album conceived. On The Architect, Jens steps away from the classic folk picking and the sound that characterised the two previous recordings. He has kept himself a lot more free in the creative process,  and the songs are larger this time, and a lot more orchestral and filled with contrasts than earlier. True to soundtrack writing tradition, the songs are dramatic, with a lot of movement and many different forms of expression. The soundscape is intense, cool and minimalist, but also grandiose and orchestral and of a more modern character than earlier." (Jansen Plateproduksjon)

Jens Carelius: The Architect

Jens Carelius: The Architect