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Various Artists: All Sewn Up; A Tribute To Patrik Fitzgerald (2xLP, 2009)

Crispin Glover BEAG2CGR008

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Price: €21.00

Limited edition on red transparent vinyl, gatefold cover.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW 

Dubbed "punk poet," Patrik Fitzgerald got his start performing his warped poetry and songs in 1977, just as the punk scene was gaining steam, and has continued playing new material on into the late 2000's. The LP version is beautifully printed on heavy cardstock with a gatefold cover, pictures & liner notes.

Here's the full artist list: Motorpsycho feat. Jello Biafra, Terry Lee Hale, Max Lorentz, Milk Ka, Israelvis, Betong Hysteria, Seven, Jim Jasmine, All Trouble, Sister Rain, Lez Marwick, Benjamin Zephaniah, Attila the Stockbroker, POG, The Reilly Express, Bladed, The Legend! (Everet True, Dog & Sky), Jackie Leven & Michael Cosgrave, BC, Geoff Berne, The School, Try Love & The Taxis of Evi, Kevin Hewick, Hook Line & Sinker, Liliedugg, The 3rd & the Mortal feat. Attila the Stockbroker, Thomas Robsahm feat Vera & Jara, Monolithic, Max Lorentz, and Motor Incubator!!

Various Artists: All Sewn Up

Various Artists: All Sewn Up