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Bumble B: Flight Of The Bumble B. (LP 2004, ltd 400)

Acony Bell AB01

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Price: €25.00

Limited to 400 numbered copies.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Our BB is the female singer, fiddle- and violaplayer of The Smell Of Incense. Their latest offerings have been released by German September Gurls Records. The boss of September Gurls was fascinated by her voice and encouraged her to record an album centered around the voice ... BB has an upbringing with traditional Norwegian folk music and she's chosen 19 of these songs for the album, plus an additional instrumental version of one of them. Originally, the intention was to keep the songs sparse, the voice alone or in combination with one intrument only. She's expanded the concept a bit. Some of the tracks have two or more instruments and here's even one full-blown folk-rocker with the entire The Smell Of Incense. It makes the album richer and more varied." (JP/Luna Kafé)

Bumble B. Flight of the Bumble B.